Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Why is Mobile Grooming better than Salon Grooming?

Mobile grooming offers the following benefits for you and your pet:

mobile dog grooming van
  • Professional grooming given by appointment in the convenience of your driveway of your home or office
  • Less stress for you and your pet
  • Sanitary, safe and healthy environment
  • No separation anxiety
  • Afternoon and weekend appointments available
  • No exposure to other animals, diseases and parasites
  • No CAGES ever
  • No car sickness

We reduce the stress on your pet by completing most grooming appointments in about an hour, so your pet will be happier.

Stress-less Dog Grooming

Consider This

When taking your pet to a 'pet salon', your pet might not get the care he or she deserves. How many animals are in the salon grooming at one time? How much time could your pet be 'waiting' while they get their turn? This may be very stressful to your pet. When we groom your pet, we spend 100% of the time giving him/her the care and treatment they deserve because we only work with 1 dog at one time. Every pet is treated with love, patience, and respect.