Tuesday, September 26, 2023

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The Best Mobile Dog Grooming Service in San Antonio Texas!

Welcome to HappyHoundGrooming.com!Happy Hound Yellow Labrador Retreiver

With our mobile dog grooming salons, your pet gets our professional services without the time spent taking your pet to the shop.

Happy Hound Grooming services provides better than any high quality care offered at our salon right at your home. We utilize the very latest in mobile grooming technology to ensure your best friend's time with us is a safe and happy experience. Our mobile salons are totally self-contained and require nothing more than a place to park.

In SA our dog grooming service areas (Click to see HappyHound Grooming Mobile Dog Grooming Service Areas ) will offer your pampered pet a grooming session they will enjoy!

Don't spend your time driving to and from a grooming shop and leaving your pet in a cage all day. We come to you at your home, on your schedule, and treat your pet to our luxurious multiple grooming services.

What does this logo mean to you?

Happy Hound Grooming Logo Simply the BEST personalized dog mobile grooming service performed by people who really care and love dogs in San Antonio Texas!
If you don't see this logo on the van you WON'T get the best possible grooming service for your best friend. Your dog deserves the best so make sure it's a Happy Hound Grooming Van at your door.

State of the art Grooming Vans

Mobile Grooming Truck TubA state of the art mobile grooming service for your pampered pooch!

Grooming Van Features:

    • 4 ½' Stainless Steel Tub. This full size tub will hold your pet with room to spare keeping all dog breeds comfortable and happy during their pampered bath.


    • Stainless Steel Perforated Shelf in the tub raises to provide the a full body shower from the largest to the smallest dog.


  • Slide Out Bridge. Our groomers NEVER have to lift a large breed dog from the table to the tub preventing accidents.