Friday, February 23, 2024

Information about AKC recognized Dog breeds

If you are interested in information about your particlular dog breed here is a list compiled by the AKC

Complete List of AKC Recognized Breeds

Links will take you directly to the AKC website to read about the breed.

Miscellaneous Class Breeds

The Miscellaneous Class is intended as an interim stage prior to a breed becoming eligible to compete in a variety group at AKC shows. Under our current policy, the stud book will continue to be maintained by the Foundation Stock Service until the AKC Board of Directors sets a date for full recognition. Before entry into the Miscellaneous Class, the Board will work with the national club to determine the variety group to which the breed will be assigned. After a limited time in the Miscellaneous Class a date would be set, at which time the breed would become eligible to compete in a variety group at all-breed dog shows.

Foundation Stock Service® Breeds

The Foundation Stock Service® (FSS®) was created by the American Kennel Club to answer the needs of today’s rare breed fanciers. The Foundation Stock Service is an optional record keeping service for all purebred breeds not currently registrable with the American Kennel Club.

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